GBWhatsApp APk – A modified version of WhatsApp to unlock fun

Bored of using normal WhatsApp for a long time or hoping to add some cool features? well, you don’t have to create an app for that. GBWhatsApp is here, a modified version of WhatsApp that will blow your mind. With so many features intact within the apk, you can’t possibly imagine the cool stuff you can do with it.

Features of GbWhatsApp APk

  • Send Video up to 50MB size
  • Cool 3rd party stickers available
  • Increased pin chat limit to 30
  • Forward messages to anyone without forwarding tag
  • Mark as read from the notification
  • Video call up to 50 members
  • Play WhatsApp video within the app
  • No external player required
  • send messages up to 1000 contacts at an instant

How To Download GbWhatsapp APK For Android Device

Here are the steps that you require to download and install the app. Also check the Freedom app which allows you to buy anything from the stores within any game. 

  • Step 1: – Download GBWhatsApp APK file from here.
  • Step 2: – Once Downloaded, head over to Settings> Security>Unknown Source.
  • Step 3: – Turn it ON and allow installation of APK File.
  • Step 4: – Click on the file and the installation should start.

Is It Legal To Use GbWhatsApp APK

GbWhatsApp APk is not an illegal app it is just a modified version of the official app so there is no harm in using it. However, if you wonder it might cause an error in your device then you are wrong. There are over a 100k download of this app and not a single user has complained about this app. You can contact any of the existing users for reviews about this app. GbWhatsApp APk has made quite an impression all over the world.

Games like PUBG, Geometry dash, Pokemon go will support the game and will allow you to share progress and your winnings.

Conclusion : –

Here we have covered all the aspects of this Android application and hope you would give it a try at least. Once you have installed this app in your device you will never switch to the old version of the official app. If you think you can be creative and make use of the modified version of the app then you must download it and share it with your friends and family. If you are left with any query then feel free to contact us through our contact page. We would also appreciate any suggestion to improve our blog post.